Rebecca Emekandoko

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca.

I have always loved sports, but I really got into it 2 years ago, when the lockdown happened. In the couple of years before that, I started to get a bit lazy and bored with exercise, constantly struggling with how to get in better shape. I had gained about 15kg, I was unhappy and dissatisfied.

I decided to change this and invested all my plus time, which was caused by the lockdown into studying and training. I achieved my goals and continued on this lifestyle with full passion ever since. I completed my studies as a fitness instructor in Melbourne, Australia and then continued my studies at home, Budapest.

My aim is for you to experience the amazing effects of the lifestyle changes I have experienced myself, as I empathize with your journey, as I have been on it. This year, I am preparing for a bikini fitness competition. 

My profile is about body shaping, aesthetic appearance, achieving more energetic and happy weekdays through exercise, all preventively! Feel free to contact me! 

To book an appoitment with me, send an email to requesting that you want to train with Rebecca.