Hajnalka Jóni

Hi! Have you ever made the resolution on the first of January telling yourself that this year you will exercise more and eat better, but after a few months you’ve lost your motivation? Have you ever felt after a long day at work or school that your body is stiff and aching? Do you want to lose some weight or gain some muscles? Would you like to train more often in the gym but you have no idea where to start? Do you have only limited time to exercise and you want to maximize it? Or simply do you want to feel better and be more confident in your own body? 

Whichever is your goal, let’s do it! ;) 

As a personal trainer I’d like to teach you to love being active and to enjoy exercising, so you can feel the positive effects of it in your everyday life.

Besides that I’d be happy to help you adopting healthier eating habits, you will see that there is no need to torture yourself with strict and pointless diets to reach and keep the desired body figure.

Our work together will start with some proper fitness tests to figure out not only your current physical activity level but the potential body asymmetries, dysfunctioning muscles or movements or even the residue of previous injuries.

My main goal is to find the workout program which motivates and challenges you, but most importantly that you can enjoy doing it.

If you are ready, feel free to contact me! :)


IWI - Personal Trainer

IWI - Fitness instruktor

IWI - Corrective Exercise Specialist (in progress)

To book an appoitment with me, send an email to obuda@nr1fitness.hu requesting that you want to train with Hajnalka.