Frequently asked questions

*Updated the 1st  of September 2021

We are open for absolutely EveryBody


24/7 every day!

For questions please write to or ask a member of staff in the gym.

1.How do I buy my Nr1 Fitness membership?
All payments are done online with a bankcard at . When you have successfully paid online your personal code will be sent to your email so you can enter the gym immediately. 


2.Can I pay with cash?
No, all membership must be purchased online with a bank card

through our website


3.What is the staffed opening hours at the gyms?

MONDAY-FRIDAY: 15:00 - 22:00

We have reception at our gyms monday-friday from 15:00-22:00. But as a member you can of course enter 24/7, 365 day a year with the personal entrance code you get when signing up online at


4.How can I unfreeze my membership, when I want to start working out again? 

To UNFREEZE your membership just access your 
CLIENT PORTAL by following the link below: 



When you have logged in with your username and password please select --» Contract Details in the top menu and select your contract type and from there just click the --» More options button and thereafter click --» Edit followed by clicking the --» Remove Freeze button. 

If you are facing any issues with this please just send an email to 


6.I dont have a bank card, can I use someone else’s bankcard to register with?

Yes. You can use someone else’s bankcard, just be sure to register with your own name and email address when signing up. Please note that the owner of the card have to accept the terms and conditions online and will be liable for the payment to Nr1Fitness. 


7.Can I get a FREE tryout the first time at Nr1Fitness?     

You are very welcome to try out one of our gyms for free the first time . Just arrive during our staffed opening hours which are 15:00-21:00 from monday-friday, remember to bring your ID card for registration and your own pad-lock to secure your belonging in one of our lockers.


8.Do you accept AYCM, Sport Kartya or SZÉP kártya?
We do not accept AYCM, Sport Kartya or SZÉP kártya.


9.Can I use my personal access code at all the gyms?
Of course, at Nr1 Fitness you can train at all our gyms with only one 1 membership.

For a full overview of your available gym locations please check out this page:


10.How can I schedule an appointment with a personal trainer?
Depending on which location you want to have your personal training session just send an email to: (Oktogon) (Kalvin) (Rakoczi)

For more info about personal training please

visit the following page:


11.How can I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership please log into your Client Portal through this link:


When your logged in with your username and password

please select --» Contract Details in the top menu and select your contract type and from there just click the --» End Contract button. 

But if you for some reason still do not manage to cancel your membership than please follow the instructions below:

Depending on where you are a primary member

the membership can also cancelled by sending an email to  – (Oktogon)  – (Kalvin)  – (Rakoczi) 

Please note that there is a 30 days notice period on the cancellation of certain memberships as stated in the terms and conditions and  also written when purchasing the memberships online.  

Please also note that any membership related questions can also be sent to the email addresses above. For the quickest answering time only send an email to the email address of the gym where you are a primary member. 


12.Can I train for free if I have personal trainer?
You have to buy a membership or daypass if you want to train with one of our personal trainers in the gym.


13.Do you have a sauna or swimmingpool?
At Nr1 Fitness we dont offer sauna or swimmingpool in order to keep our costs to a minimum for all our members.

14.Will I get a towel and slippers in the gym?
You have to bring your own towel and slippers to the gym since we dont have staffed reception all the time. 


15.Are there showers in the changing rooms?                        

Yes of course, this is essential for good hygiene and your comfort. We have showers in all our gyms! Please bring your own soap and shampoo. 


16.Do I have to bring my own pad-lock for the lockers?
Yes, you have to bring a pad-lock if you wish to secure you locker in the gym. Any belongings left in the changing room lockers overnight or during daytime when your not using the fitness facility will be removed by our staff as it is strictly forbidden to use our lockers as storage space. 

As stated in our terms and conditions we are not responsible for any stolen or lost valuables left inside the actual gyms or gyms changing rooms or any lockers whether it is secured with a padlock or not. 


17.Can my friend enter by using my entrance code?
No, this is FORBIDDEN, your code is strictly personal and can only be used by you. We check our system daily if some codes have been used more times and then check the cameras if the same person is using it, or if there is someone else. Sharing your code to anyone else is a serious offense and will lead to 50.000HUF for the codes owner in penalty and lifetime ban from all Nr1 Fitness centres. 


18.Do you provide a lost and found for the gyms?

Due to our limited staffed hours we do not operate a lost and found however if your items have been removed or you lost something in the gym or can not find the key to your padlock please contact our reception during our staffed opening hours 15:00-21:00 monday – friday. We will of course do our best to help you!


19. What is the dress code and hygiene rules in the gym?

All members are required to wear clean training gear and to use indoor shoes when working out at the gyms (no shoes used outside is allowed inside the gym). Training barefoot or topless is also strictly forbidden at all times.  Please note that if you do not meet our basic hygiene requirements regarding correct sport attire or smelly body odor you will not be allowed to train at the gym. 


20. Do you offer group classes? 

Yes, Nr1Fitness Óbuda offers a variety of group classes from Yoga to Zumba and much more.

For more info about our group classes please just click here