Physiotherapy & Sportsrehabilitation 

We are located at Óbuda –  Lajos u. 66, 1036, (inside the fitness center Nr1Fitness Óbuda)

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the traditional physiotherapy sessions and training in a fitness center. We know that movement can act like medicine and key to recovery so combining the two is ideal and furthermore recognized as the more modern approach in this field. 

Our aim at Nr1Fitness Physio and Sportsrehabilitation is to develop and maintain peoples ability to move and function while minimising discomfort in everyday life. Whether it is mobility issues caused by injury, illness or disability we always strive to provide excellent service which most importantly helps you.

After the assessment we use our individual approach to find the most effective way for our clients to train so they can recover quicker and move better. Our success is based on your results, needless to say, we take great pride in what we do and thank you for the trust. 

Where do I start? 


It might be your first time going to physio or sportsrehabiliation or you might have prior experience in the field. Regardless, the first step is the most important and starts with a consultation, the duration is typically 45 minutes, during which a physical examination will be done mainly to assess your range of motion and identify any area of pain or tenderness. Furthermore your medical history and symptoms will be discussed. 

What happens next?

After the initial consulation we will hopefully know the reason for the pain you are having. Different treatment techiniques for the rehabilitation will be discussed based on the results of the physical examination. 

In addition to our physiotherapist performing mobility activities with you in our fitness facility you will also be given a few exercises and advice on things you should do in the fitness center or at home before your next appointment. 

A single session lasts for 55 minutes

How often do I have to go?

In the beginning, on a weekly basis is recommended. The frequency of the visits depends on how long time it takes to manage the pain. Thereafter every couple of weeks or once a month to keep symptoms at bay. Eventually, as the goal always is to settle the pain, you should be able to self-manage your symptoms by following your therapists advice and by regular continuation of the exercise programme and thereafter ultimately return to your normal activities/hobbies.

What should I wear on my first consultation? 

It is advisable to wear a tank/strappy top or a top/t-shirt that is baggy enough to move out of the way. For the lower body, either shorts or jogging bottoms are a good idea. 

A good indication of what to wear is simply to use a flexible training attire for the gym as some movement / training exercises will be performed together with your therapeut. 

We would also like to inform you that our facility has changing rooms with showers and lockers for your personal belongings. 

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We welcome you to our modern facility :) 


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