Hi there, my name is Diko, I'm a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor. I always find my happiness in motion, so I love to deliver the same feeling on my classes because the vibration, high energy and fantastic vibe determine my classes.

In the BODYLICIOUS class, we train the whole body with a variety of exercises, but we focus on strengthening and shaping the glutes, thighs and abdominal muscles! Our main tool is the high-quality DMK Fitbands (in addition to bands and dumbbells), which help us in tightening, increase resistance and achieve new challenges.

We know that the largest muscle groups must be trained from all directions in a variety of ways so that they are not only toned, but can be used properly in everyday life.

Bodylicious is a great opportunity to get your body in shape with exciting, special exercises. These lessons can be followed and implemented by anyone. Everyone can find their own fitness level, as I always show exercise variations/modifications. Come and get toned while having fun!


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