Core training with Nusi

This training targets the deep core muscles of your body: the abdominal and gluteal muscles in addition to the back, shoulder and hip muscles. Among the desk workers, a muscle imbalance often develops leaving the hip flexors and gluetal muscles shortened. My goal is prevent or restore them to their original state throughout the mostly static exercises performed. Beyond this restoration, we will also improve your mobility and stability. In my group classes, I’ll show you plank and lunge variations but we will also make use of resistance bands, mini-bands, fitball and weights.

About me:
I started running in my childhood and triathlon in 2019. I added core training to my routine five years ago, which brought about a significant change in my race results. Out of those, I would like to highlight becoming a two-times age group champion of Vasi Vasember triathlon and my qualification and completion of the 2022 Middle Distance World Championship.

My goal is to help you grow physically to an extent, where you are better able to stand your ground in everyday life, as well as in your chosen field of sport. Based on my experience, this kind of training assists in a potential recovery process for those coming back from injury and in preventing future injuries at the same time.

Let me help you take the first step towards a Stronger version of You!


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