Gym Yoga with Eszter

Hi! My name is Eszti, I am a yoga instructor.

Previously you could meet with me at the Nr1 Fitness Óbuda reception, but now I will also be waiting for you in my yoga classes.

Yoga has not been a part of my life for very long, yet it has become a defining point of my everyday life from one day to the next. It all started with a 30-day program, and today I have already passed the instructor training. ( I completed the 200-hour Hatha yoga instructor training, the Private Yoga instructor training and the Yogasecrets the Method training of the Yogasecrets Academy). Thanks to yoga, stress and panic no longer rule my life.
The yoga not only mentally, but also physically transformed my life, in addition to getting stronger, I lost almost 15 kilos in the last 2 years.

I believe that this is still the beginning of my journey, so in the future I would like to participate in many trainings and expand my knowledge.
I am currently also a participant at a nutritionist course (online, at Civas in the Netherlands). 

The class is based on classical Hatha yoga, however, the asanas are held only for a short time, they are always taken one after the other.
Exercise is characterized by dynamics, and strengthening of our muscles is also not neglected. A good atmosphere is also guaranteed, as the entire hour is spiced up with varied music.
You can be sure that the classes will never be the same. You can also take part in the class as a beginner, flexibility is not required either.

As an instructor, my goal is to give you everything that yoga has given to me.
My goal is to make you feel at home and relaxed on the yoga mat, and in addition, I also pay attention to body shaping in my classes. Yoga has such a fantastic "side effect" that you can experience things around you and about yourself that you have never experienced before. Namaste <3


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