Cross interval training (CIT)

Would you like to get a chance to improve your aerobic endurance and strength in the same session? Welcome to my class! Since this training will certainly move your entire body with a mix of cardio and strength exercises at the same place. Even though, my core training class focuses mainly on muscles shortened typically in case of desk workers, these exercises will target those (abdominal, gluteal and back) and the rest of your muscle groups in a single session!

I recommend this class not only for advanced athletes since all exercises have variations and can be adjusted to your individual fitness level. In these sessions, we will perform bodyweight exercises and make use of various tools such as resistance bands, mini-bands, fitball and weights.

About me:
I started running in my childhood and triathlon in 2019. I added cross interval training to my routine five years ago, which brought about a significant change in my race results. Out of those, I would like to highlight becoming a two-times age group champion of Vasi Vasember triathlon (2020, 2021) and my qualification and completion of the 2022 Middle Distance World Championship. Based on my personal experience, not only sport enthusiasts but runners and triathletes can also benefit from this training type.

Are you ready to face the challenges presented in the Cross interval training? Let’s get started!


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