Body Shape with Diko

Hi there, my name is Diko, I'm a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor. I always find my happiness in motion, so I love to deliver the same feeling on my classes because the vibration, high energy and fantastic temper give me my power.

Come & join my Body Toning Class, where we work on our whole body with our bodyweight and minimal equipments (like dumbbells, bands, ankle weights, stepper)! Cardio and strenght exercises give us the perfect combination to reach our desired body while we get through some challenges.
The super music, laugh & joyful class are guaranteed but you can definitely expect high calorie burn and muscle toning too. Anyone can do and follow along this class because everyone will find the right fitness level - I show different variations/modifications for the exercises too.
Join us & let's get toned together!

Reserve your spot by sending an e-mail to with your name, time/date and type of group class you wish to attend