Gavin Monaghan

With more than 2 decades of gym experience, incorporating many modes of training, and with a background of traditional Martial Arts, Boxing, and Tai Chi, I can offer personalized training programs and workouts to help you attain your fitness goals.

Whether your goals are sport specific, weight loss, increased strength, mobility, and endurance, or simply to look good, regardless of your fitness level or experience, as a Personal Trainer I can provide you with the structure, tools, and guidance you require. I draw on various training techniques and modalities to enable you to progress safely and efficiently, as well as providing advice on optimal nutrition and recovery.

Working with a Personal Trainer means you can work to a timetable that suits you, training the way you want to train, to achieve the results you want to achieve.


Focus Awards Level 3 Practitioner in Personal Training

Focus Awards Level 2 Gym Instructor

ActiveIQ Level 2 Instructing Studio Cycling



To book an appoitment with me, send an email to requesting that you want to train with Gavin