Máté Vass

Hello, my name is Máté Vass. I have been doing competitive sports since childhood. I have been involved in bodybuilding for 18 years. I have been a personal trainer and nutrition consultant for 10 years. I always try to keep my knowledge up-to-date both in the fields of training and nutrition, I am constantly learning and developing. Work with me and I'll teach you how to train and eat to reach your goals. This could be weight loss/gaining muscle mass, treating back pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle, but you are also in the right place if you simply want to feel better. The training sessions with me are in a good mood and you will never get a boring chicken-rice-broccoli diet from me.  

My experience: 

- Fitness Company - Fitness Instructor 

- AvaloMedica Institute (Táplálkozás Beàllítás) - Applied Nutrition and Food Science Expertise 1-2 

- AvaloMedica Institute (Táplàlkozás Beàllítás) - Applied Nutrition Knowledge 1-2 

– Synlab Hungary Kft. - SYNLAB Laboratory diagnostics course

To book an appoitment with me, send an email to rakoczi@nr1fitness.hu requesting that you want to train with Máté