Mo Reyazi

My name is Mo and my background is from sports rehabilitation with a degree in physiotherapy from Semmelweis University. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle have played an important part in my life since my time on the national team in wrestling, where I competed professionally on an international level.

My experience from public and private health institutions thought me innovative rehabilitation solutions for all kinds of people, my clients ranged from professional athletes, gym goers to office workers. However, they all shared a common goal, which was to move better and pain free in everyday life.

Moreover, I always wanted to focus on bridging the gap between the traditional physiotherapy sessions and training since rehab in physio terms can basically be the process of training for recovery following an injury, to restore the person to their former functional capacity, or improve their current condition to move better and stay injury free in the future.  

In my own practice at Nr1 Fitness I decided that the approach needs to be individualized the same way as a training session is customised based on the clients’ goals.

Taking time for client-specific exercises, education about proper movement, working through reps to create awareness with specific structure or further modification of their activities is some of the key elements there will be focus on at our modern Óbuda clinic.

Best of all, this approach involves the client in the process, giving them control and ownership of their rehabilitation under my guidance and supervision

I always strive to give my clients the highest level of care for their needs and welcome you to visit our clinic at Óbuda!

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