Tamás Varga

Sports and being phisically active was always present in my life. Have competed in few fields but never pursued big competitions as I became professional in the hospitality industry and travelled Europe as a chef. After many good, successful years in that area I was ready to turn my dream as being a personal trainer to reality, so I can do something even more meaningful by being able to transform people's life for the better... 

I completed a diploma in personal training and nutritional science at the International therapy examination council in London. Since then I find great pleasure in assisting my clients.

Unfortunately I can't offer you to make the transformation by a fingersnap BUT.. I can promise you I will be by your side all along the way, with every help I can possibly give you. 

It's going to start by understanding your own body... How it works and what action we have to take to achieve the desired goals. If it is about weight management, muscle gain, strength and conditioning, day to day menu planning or just overall wellbeing and health improvement, I will be by your side on this journey.

"You never wrong to do the right thing" – Mark Twain


ITEC level 3 personal trainer and nutritional science 

ITEC suspension trainer

ITEC kettlebell trainer

ITEC indoor cycling (spinning) trainer

RELAIS CHATEAUX culinary arts


- Monart destination wellness and Spa

- Seafield Hotel and Spa

- Worked with Loughlin Gannon. (NABBA Mr. Universe)

To book an appoitment with me, send an email to obuda@nr1fitness.hu requesting that you want to train with Tamás​ Varga