Levente Barátosi

Hi! I'm Levi.  My field of specialty is functional training and powerlifting. My goal is simple: I want you and all my clients to get the best service possible. Therefore I attend new courses regularly to widen my knowledge of fitness. The key to your long term success is health and continous improvement.  I know that we are cable to achive more than we think. My role is to give you the required foundation on which you can build on the rest of your life. Unfortunately we are not taught how to move properly. Therefore we tend to stumble into obstacles and injuries pretty soon. My job is to supplement your knowledge and aid you on your road. Together we are going to work specificly on your goals, to achieve them as fast as possible, keeping you safe and healthy in the meantime. I have a degree in psychology as well, so it's no surprise that I put more emphasis on the mental side of things as well. I know that if you are dedicated, your work will pay off and you will be able to achieve things you have never dreamed of before. Let me help you along the way.

To book an appointment with me send an e-mail to rakoczi@nr1fitness.hu requesting that you want to train with Levi.