Nikolett Molnár

"You don't have to see the complete way to the goal, just take the first step and believe in yourself."

Niki graduated in 2013 from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science at Semmelweis University as a Recreator (TF).

She also completed an Aerobic trainer training at the Fitness Academy, followed by a Personal Trainer certificate.

She believes that continuous self-education and professional development is important, so she regularly attends courses to increase her knowledge in the field. 

Niki has learned a lot from sports and would like to pass it on to you. Sport brought regularity to her life, taught her to play fair, created a sense of well-being, gave her goals and a sense of success. The goal is for her clients to have fun during their workouts and to make exercise part of their lives. Refresh themselves pleasantly, as a recreation while consciously experiencing the joy of movement.

Nikolett has also practiced several different dance styles but she also has experience with running marathons, yoga, swimming, horse riding and lastly spartans races which she attends regulary.

Whatever your goal is Nikolett is ready to support you through the journey and provide a personalized workout plan and diet for you. 

To book an appoitment, send an email to requesting that you want to train with Nikolett