Rebecca Emekandoko

Hey! I'm Rebecca, a personal trainer. I will help you to achieve your goals, teach you how to perform correctly the exercises, guide you in your lifestyle and diet, also motivate you until you reach your fitness goals! In our sessions I can guarantee a good mood, more energy, fat loss, muscle gain, better sleep, an improvement in your lifestyle, an increase in your self-confidence and the formation of your body according to your goals, if you put in the work of course! I will be by your side the whole time! You can call me at any time if you have any questions and there are no stupid questions!

I also started diving into the fitness world with plus weight, a totally different body composition and uncertainty, so I feel what you feel as a beginner. Since then, I have completed 3 fitness educator schools, the first in Melbourne, Australia, and then I continued my studies in Hungary. Also, I recently participated in a bikini fitness competition, where I achieved 2nd place in two categories. I did it all, because I wanted to gather more experience and knowledge from world champions and from the bests in the industry, to be able to pass these informations to my clients!

This requires a lifestyle change! Come with me and I will be by your side all the way trough to become your best, healthiest version of yourself and stay fit and energetic for as long as possible! 

To book an appoitment with me, send an email to​ requesting that you want to train with Rebecca.