Ferenc Czap

I am Ferenc Czap, I graduated from IWI as a personal trainer.

In the last few years - leaving my inactive lifestyle behind - I have started running on asphalt and off-road, where I have managed to reach the level of ultra distances (100 km). In addition to running, I have completely changed my lifestyle, so proper nutrition and functional training also played a huge role in preparing for races. Based on my interests, I completed my sports related studies so that  I could plan my workouts as effectively as possible, prepare for competitions, and help others as well.

Preventive (preserving health and preventing injuries ) training is of outstanding importance to me, where the goal is to reduce the harmful effects of unilateral loads resulting from lack of exercise and sedentary work.

My first session starts with a survey, during which we explore the movement deficits we will work on during our encounters.

I believe that together, with perseverance and a proper, conscious attitude, we can achieve your goals!

My studies:

IWI International Fitness School - Fitness Instructor

IWI International Fitness School - Personal Trainer

IWI International Fitness School - Functional Integrative Trainer

www.trxtraining.com - TRX Suspension Trainer

To book an appoitment with me, send an email to  rakoczi@nr1fitness.hu requesting that you want to train with Ferenc.