Ildikó Pásztor

Hi, I’m Diko!

I always found my happiness in dancing and motion since I was 3 years old, so I love to deliver the same feeling in my classes because the vibration, high energy and fantastic vibe determine both my personal training sessions and group classes.

During my work, I build my guests' training plan in such a way that it is varied and in line with my clients abilities and goals - whether it's body shaping, improving your general fitness level, losing weight or even to improve your own stretching capabilities.

You basically get a lot more out of my workout techniques compared to the more traditional personal training session. I place particular emphasis on posture improvement, movement development, and functional training, as we need to adapt to everyday life situations and routines not only mentally but also physically.

As a spine trainer and sportrehabilitation specialist, I constantly deal with the problem areas of my guests (eg. spine, shoulder girdle, lumbar complaints, knee pain ... etc.), however, with a preventive approach, we naturally treat the whole body to avoid possible subsequent injuries and problems.

I believe in life long learning, so I always do different type of advanced studies in hungarian and english as well. This knowledge is implemented in my sessions to make the workouts more interesting and creative for you. 

If you need some motivation, or you don’t know where & how to start, or you don’t know what’s the best way for you to train, feel free to contact me and I’ll bring out the best in you! I look forward to seeing you amongst my clients!

Qualifications, trainings:

  • Sportrehabilitation Trainer - Feövenyessy Medical Fitness Akadémia (2022, Budapest)
  • Kinesiology Tape Training - Feövenyessy Medical Fitness Akadémia (2022, Budapest)
  • Spine Trainer – Feövenyessy Medical Fitness Akadémia (2021, Budapest)
  • SMR Trainer - Feövenyessy Medical Fitness Akadémia (2021, Budapest)
  • Personal TRainer – The Gym Academy (2019; London)
  • Group Fitness Instructor – Trainfitness (2018; London)
  • Groove fx instruction
  • Blast fx instruction
  • Jump fx instruction
  • Pump fx instruction
  • Stomp fx instruction

To book an appoitment with me, send an email to requesting that you want to train with Ildikó.